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stage 3(a1) - Images from the German Rhein Castles to Heidelberg   UPDATED 2013-01-15

0441BoppardHotelRheinlust 0482WeinhausRoemer-Burg 0422Barges 0425StadtBoppardFerry 0427Ferry 0428Ferry 0483FerryBargs 0423HebelLinieCruiseboat 0424HebelLinieCruiseboat 0431BargsPassing 0430BargWheelhouse 0432CruiseshipGoethe 0440CruiseHotelLeonardodaVinci 0442CruiseboatLaPaloma 0445Kamp-Bornhofen 0446Kamp-Bornhofen 0448Kamp-Bornhofen 0450FeindlicheBruederSterrenbergLiebenstein 0451BruderSterrenberg 0452BruderLiebenstein 0454KesterZurKlosterschenke 0453KesterZurKlosterschenke 0458KesterHotelLandsknecht 0459KesterBurgMaus 0460KesterBurgMaus 0461BurgMaus 0462KesterBurgMaus800 0464BurgRheinfels 0467BurgRheinfels 0471GoarsBurgRheinfels 0465FachwerkHausGoars 0470FachwerkHausGoars 0468Goars 0469Goars 0474St.Goarshausen 0473St.GoarshausenChurch 0472St.GoarshausenBurgKatz 0477St.GoarshausenBurgKatz 0475BurgKatz 0476BurgKatz 0479TheLoreley 0480VinesnearThe Loreley 0481TunnelEntrance
From our base at the Hotel Rheinlust in Boppard - we took a River Cruise down to the Loreley enjoying the sights including the many Castles high on the peaks.
0485Tower 0487TowerDetail 0490Bacharach 0492FachwerkPostHof 0493PostHofEntranceCourtyard 0494BacharachMarketPlace 0495TownGate 0497AltesHaus 0498AltesHaus 0501FachwerkHaus1579 0503Church 0504Doors 0505Weinstuben 0506WeinstubeMuenze 0507MuenzeSign 0508Brook
The next day we followed the road south along the Rhein stopping off in a couple of historic towns - including Bacharach - along the way.
After that we made our way to Heidelberg where we spend the next day visiting the Old Town
- unfortunatly I ran out of Battery and only managed these few images .... [ see below for link to more images ]
0509HeidelbergBibliothek 0510HeidelbergBibliothek 0511Museum 0513Rathaus 0514Marktplatz 0515McDonalds 0512OldTownNeckar 0519Heidelberg800
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